Inclusive Hubs Create
Inclusive Ecosystems

We have the unique opportunity to help shape our ecosystem with inclusion at its core. 

Building on best practice from the
Google for Startups network

Diversity and Inclusion for Hubs

Despite the wealth of information about diversity and inclusion (D&I) there’s very little that’s relevant to the unique needs of a startup hub.

Startup hubs across the globe are seeking to access practical frameworks to ultimately become more diverse and inclusive. We’ve taken lean startup methodology and applied it to practical resources to help hubs implement D&I across all functions.

Women @ Dogpatch Network
Diversity in Tech Week @ Dogpatch Labs

“Startup hubs are in a
unique position to
strengthen our ecosystems
by encouraging D&I in
everything we do.”

Liz McCarthy

Special Projects Lead


A Bootstrapped Approach

Our playbook is designed to empower hubs who are short on time to put D&I at the heart everything they do.

Practical Tools

Use the checklists, surveys and templates to help you take ownership and accelerate diversity and inclusion across your hub.

Simplified Theory

Learn what’s most relevant to you and your role in bite sized chunks, distilled from diversity and inclusion theory and research.

Real Tactics

Read about examples of the  work being done to drive diversity and inclusion across different sized hubs and  a variety of cultures.

Our Vision

To Accelerate Inclusivity In Thousands Of Startup Hubs Around The World

A Global Network

We build on the best practices from the Google for Startups network to create a globally impactful resource.

Providing tangible examples helps us all envision how to adapt these tactics for our own hubs.

Sharing Best Practice

That hubs of all sizes in any corner of the world can use this site to make diversity in tech a reality for their ecosystem.

We’ve got tool and tactics to help anyone, from directors to interns, accelerate diversity and inclusion in their hub.

Share your D&I best practices with us for a chance to be featured on the site!

Need a D&I Refresher?

Have a look at these articles to help you refresh your D&I knowledge

Intro to D&I in Business

This article give an overview of D&I theory and practice with some detailed specific strategies and tactics

From Inclusion to Support

Key topics and takeaways from the New Rules Summit which brought leaders together to tackle D&I

Inclusion as a Growth Strategy

An excellent series which articulates why inclusion is one of the last true growth opportunities for businesses.

Change Catalyst

Checklists & resources for creating a diverse workforce to empower underrepresented startup founders.

Know what we’re at and ready to jump right in?!

This playbook was developed in partnership with Google for Startups, under a sponsorship agreement which was awarded to Dogpatch Labs at the 2018 Trailblazer Summit. This sponsorship provided funding to Dogpatch Labs to allow us expand and dedicate resources to this project.