Run a Diversity In Tech Week

Diversity In Tech Week

Diversity in Tech Week (DITW) is a schedule of events to enhance the understanding of D&I across the local startup ecosystem.

The initiative is a week long schedule of events run by Dogpatch Labs, highlighting and sharing D&I best practices targeted at leaders right across the startup ecosystem, from meetup organisers and startup founders to corporate executives.

The initiative was designed to be a catalyst for the Irish tech community to learn and implement global best practice for “operationalizing” diversity and inclusion.

Positioning your hub at the centre the wider ecosystem is a win-win, strengthening both the ecosystem and your hub’s position within it. You can also use a large scale event like DITW to act as an annual check of your hubs practices and messaging, helping to ensure the hub team has a shared vision and goal which consistently emphasises your commitment to D&I at all levels.

Dogpatch Labs celebrates diversity in tech

“Initiatives such as Diversity Week play an important role in creating the foundation to ensure that the startup community is inclusive, representative and equipped for the 21st century business environment.”

"Dogpatch Labs celebrates diversity in tech"

Use the templates provided in these sections to help you successfully run DITW in your ecosystem.

DITW Preparation

We’ve included here a range of resources to help you plan and execute your schedule of events, from resource planning to mobilising your team, to designing your event.

Stakeholder Engagement

Communicating the purpose and value of DITW to stakeholders is a crucial step in securing support and resources for your event. In this section you’ll find working documents and examples of stakeholder content sent to our partners is previous DITWs.

Promote DITW

Plan and implement strategic communications campaigns to drive attendance to your events and effectively prepare speakers.

DITW Follow Up

Once you’ve successfully delivered on DITW you’ll need to follow up with your key stakeholders. Use the working documents in this section to help you do this.