Build An Inclusive Team

Build An Inclusive Team

Lack of buy-in from people working in your hub is detrimental to your D&I mission. Employees embody company values and circulate its mission internally and externally.

Your hub team are also the people on the front lines who know what’s working and what isn’t. Without their support and understanding, even the best efforts of a well-equipped diversity team are futile.

Use the sections below to help consider how your hub can create a diverse and inclusive culture as well as upskill team members in D&I theory and practice

Recruiting Diverse Talent

Sourcing and recruiting diverse talent is seen as one of the most difficult hurdles in the D&I space. Use this section to gain an understanding of the issues facing recruiting leads and how you can overcome them.

Inclusive Team Culture

Inclusive environments are the key to belonging and innovation however, developing and maintaining a truly inclusive culture is not without its challenges.