Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Communicating with relevant stakeholders and your wider audience is a fundamental part of driving attendance and engagement for your event or initiative. Key stakeholders in DITW include executive decision makers in your team, corporate partners and your hub community. Consider various ways of engaging these stakeholders, to communicate the purpose and value in D&I events.

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Use these assets to help you organise, engage and prepare your speakers for events you plan. Create a speaker tracker tab in your master spreadsheet. You can use this list to log people of interest who you might like to speak at your event and to help you manage multiple speakers.

Speakers and experts will be a key part of your event. The earlier you confirm speakers the better as they can often dictate the content of the event and be a core factor in driving attendance for your event.

Speaker Communications Core Document

Create one core document where you can draft and collaborate on the content that will be sent to speakers.

Create A Speaker Bio Sheet

Compose short biographies for speakers as they confirm their attendance to use as promotional content for the event.


Similarly you can keep your partners in the loop with minimal effort by slightly adapting the content you’ve created for speakers.

Partner Email Drafts

Here’s some examples of emails we sent to our partners to drive attendance to DITW 2018. Use this document to build out emails specifically targeting your partners attendance to DITW.