Shape Your D&I Plan

Shape Your D&I Plan

Congratulations on taking the first step toward making your hub a truly inclusive place to work!

D&I for hubs can seem quite daunting – where do I start? How do I prioritise? How do I get others around me bought in?

D&I can be broken down into smaller parts and strategically tackled. So let’s take a step back from all the noise and figure out why D&I is important to your hub and what small steps you’re going to get going.

The Plan

Follow these sections to create your D&I Plan for your hub:

Start With Why

Delve into why D&I is truly important to your hub and outline what you want to achieve and how you’ll seek to achieve it.

Track & Report

Use our 5 step process to help you map your tracking process for D&I and make sense of the data you collect and your impact.

Make It Happen!

Once you have defined the why and what then you can communicate this mission to others and ask for support.