Operationalise D&I In Your Hub

Operationalise D&I In Your Hub

Operationalising D&I across your hub is a strategic and interactive process. D&I commitment should be reflected in the facilities of your hub, the communications you send internally and externally, and the way your hub recruits and onboards members. This inclusive culture needs to be reinforced through the social events you run, and data captured to inform future decisions and strategies.

Below you’ll find the core avenues where D&I is most impactful. Operationalising D&I requires an inter departmental approach for consistency and to allow learnings from one department inform others, helping you strengthen the D&I operation across your hub.

Code of Conduct

Use this section to see how you can leverage your code of conduct reiterating D&I throughout your hub space.


Here you’ll find resources to help you embed D&I into memberships and partnerships and reinforce it throughout your hub space


Here you’ll find comprehensive checklists and guides which can help you get your hub up to speed with basic inclusive accessibility and planning.


In this section you’ll find guides for delivering inclusive communications content.


Here you’ll find D&I considerations for event planning and management and some guidance on making your events more welcoming.


Use this section to learn how you can embed D&I into the planning of accelerator and incubator programmes as well as hackathons